Two hard disk, windows 7 64bit and windows server 2003 32bit, bios don't see windows 7 disk?

Sorry but I tried and search the forum and couldn't find solution to my problem or similar.

My Problem is,

I had a pc running server 2003 32 bit on SATA2 drive, The machine went in junk I took the drive out which has OS partition and 2 other data partition on it.

Got another machine and decided to go with windows 7 64bit for more memory support, this machine has simple swap SATA drive system, I connected the old server 2003 drive in bay 2.

before connecting server 2003 drive the system was booting from windows 7 fine, but soon after connecting server 2003 drive, the bios does not see the windows 7 drive, and system boots from server 2003?

I went into BIOS but it doesn't show the windows 7 drive for selection?

Any guide, Please? I want to boot from windows 7, and want to format windows 2003 system partition and keep its other data partition of drive in bay 2.

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  1. Go into your Bios and set the Win 7 hard drive as your first Boot Device.
  2. Rogue77777 said:
    Go into your Bios and set the Win 7 hard drive as your first Boot Device.

    That is what I had in mind,
    But the problem is it does not show the windows 7 drive in the bios, and the bios does not provide and option to detect the hard drive, it kind a choosing it by itself.

    I have latest updated bios.
    The machine question is IBM ZPro 9228.
  3. Guys any help on this, still puzzled how to reflect the windows 7 drive in bios, It doesn't give me any option to choose.
  4. pull the old drive, boot into 7 and then reinsert the drive and format it.
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