Dimension e520 PSU possible failure

Hi, I own a Dell Dimension e520 desktop computer. Its sort of a smaller to mid size case. The motherboard uses a 775 chispet and came with a 1.86 ghz core 2 duo ( I can't remember the model of it as it wont start up for me to check. That brings me to my problem. here we go...

I recently bought a q6700 quad core intel cpu to replace the stock dual core in my dell e520. It arrived this morning while I was using my computer so i shut down and went to install. After I replaced the cpu and added a bigger heatsink (j9761, the stock heatsick for a dell GX620) and some thermal paste (ax-5), I went to connect all the cables back and power up.

Only thing is it doesnt start up now. I get a blinking Amber LED where the power button used to be a solid green. Also there is an abmer led close to the vid card on the motherboard. I get no cpu fan and after i disconnect the power supply from its cable the LEDs stay blinking for about 10 seconds after which the intake fan in the cpu will ALMOST turn on but shut off very quickly.

I've also done the paperclip test on the the PSU which is a 305w dell brand with it connected to intake fan and w/o. I get a very powerfull intake fan speed with the test and the psu fan seems to be at a nice hum.

Could it be my motherboard or maybe a new psu will fix this?

I've also tried to put back the stock cpu/heatsink and remove the CMOS battery and reinsert with no luck. HELP pls =).
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  1. Might be the BIOS is pre-Q6700, see if you have the latest BIOS at Dell's website, might also check if the rig supports up to a Q6700 - there were a number of mobos/factory systems that didn't, and they didn't make any money if you upgrades the CPU
  2. Ahh i forgot to include that i did upgrade the bios to the lastest 2.4.0 one. Also I did a little digging and found a few people that put q6600/6700 and even one who put a qz6700 in his e520. Currently I cant even boot up to a bios screen.
  3. Might want to pull the CPU, checlk for debris or thermal compound on bottom of CPU or in socket, also check for bent broken pins
  4. all checked and no problems there. I will get a new PSU and see if that helps
  5. Let us know, hoping we could save you from that, but PSU might be it
  6. yea was planning on getting a raeon HD 7750 low proflie (only low profile cards wiill fit as teh cpu heatsink blocks bigger cards). But if it's not a PSU problem then I might invest in a newer computer all together. This dell is about 5 or so years old with minimum stock hardware. I'd of course love to get some logevity out of this system but it might be a motherboard problem too. I've read in other places that in some cases a new PSU didnt help. Hoping for the best anyway
  7. got my corsair 600w psu today. comp works fine now cept i constantly get a missing floppy drive error ( push f1 to continue, f12 for setup menu) after the bios loads up....it works if i press f1 and bypass it but its still pretty annoying to do that all the time. any ideas how to get that out hte way?
  8. Should be an option in the BIOS to turn off the floppy or disable it - maybe in peripheral support? or something like that
  9. boom. thanks alot.
  10. Happy to helve solve problems, Love it when a plan comes together ;)
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