Perpetual Restarting Machine: 2 new sticks of RAM and will not start up even to BIOS

My rig specs are in my sig.

I decided to get some more memory today, so I bought 2 more 2 gig sticks today, and for some reason they will not work.

The two new sticks are 240 pin DDR2 5300 ram by Patriot Memory.

When I stick in the two new sticks, and turn on the machine, it begins a loop where it starts up, fans start to spin, lights come on, but before anything comes up on the screen, or the BIOS appears, it all shuts down (sort of like when a computer overheats. It' just flat out goes dark) Barely a second later it tries to start up again.

The fans seem a little slow to start. I have a feeling that maybe it's requiring too much power to start or something?

Also there are 4 phase LEDs that are lit up when this happens. A quick google and it seems that other people have had the exact same problem with other Gigabyte mobos. I can't seem to find a reason in that thread though, but there were some temp workarounds I'm going to try in a minute.

Any suggestions on what the problem might be or how to fix it?
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    F-9 BOIS=
    1.Enhanced memory compatibilities.
  2. Do the new ones work by themselves
  3. Are all of your RAM sticks identical voltage, size, speed and timings? If so pull the old sticks and try the new ones 1 at a time in each slot individually. This should be able to allow you to isolate a bad stick.
  4. Hello,

    I am not sure if you are trying to install only the new memory or if you are trying to install the memory along with the exisiting memory (if there is any).

    Just install the new memory alone. Try installing one module and see if it boots. Repeat it with the next module. Watchout for any beep sounds. Update your BIOS before you try this. Hopefully it should work.
  5. These are really good suggestions. I will update the BIOS and then try installing the new sticks individually.

    I am installing these sticks along with existing memory. In my experience though this should not lead to a boot loop, instead they would simply not be recognized correct? I installed some memory on a laptop awhile back and when I did it incorrectly the first time, the new sticks were not recognized but did not cause any other problems. I'll try out the single install plan though
  6. Awesome! Thanks guys! I q-flashed the new bios and it worked no problem first try. Thanks a bunch!
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