My computer freezes and shows some PIXELS on the screen.

My computer freezes when I'm playing games and watching videos on youtube. :(
Then it will show a crash pixels with a "ENGGGGK" sound.
Please help me =( This freezing is so annoying.
I've checked my GPU temperature and it drops down from 11Celcius to 19Celcius. Is it bad?
I have replaced my RAM and my HDD but this thing still exist.
Note: I'm not overclocking, my bios is save as DEFAULT settings.

Here's my specs:
Processor: AMD a6-3670k with Radeon 6530D
MoBo: EMX a55- GT
RAM - Transcend 2GB RAM
HDD: 500gb

HELP ME PLEASE! Reply if you want to know more and willing to help me :(
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  1. What games are you playing and on what settings?
  2. Warcraft III, with 1360x768 resolution. And medium settings.
  3. What is your Power Supply?
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