How is your Windows 8 Experience Index score?

I'm mainly posting this to see how my rig compares to some people from here. I know this isn't the most well thought of, more or less bench mark, but I haven't really seen any other scores, being new to Windows 8. This is my first build, that I built about 6 months ago and put a little less than $1200 into it.

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    Click the link given below to know about Windows Experience Index. It also contains the image that you want to see.

  2. My Processor is 7.3
    Ram: 7.0
    SSD: 6.9
    Graphics Card: 7.5
  3. ssd 6.9? wtf

    Processor: 8.2
    Ram: 8.2
    Graphics: 8.4
    Game graph: 8.4
    Primary HDD: 8.1
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