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Ok so i just managed to get a server up and running after a very long time of multiple trys and i go to play on it with some friends and i get kicked saying my connection was reset by peer.I allocated 4gb of ram to minecraft re installed and uninstalled java 32 and 64 bit,i also power cycled my router and modem and to yet no dismay. any help would be much appreciated. im running on a 4.5ghz 2500k 660ti sli and 8gb of 1866 ram with a 55mbps upload 10mbps download.my friends can play on the server.
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  1. Did you port forward the minecraft server port on your router? Or Are you guys playing on LAN?

  2. I have a port for the server forwarded through a virtual server tab.
  3. Needs more information. What router are you using? Modem? ISP? Port #? Is the server hosted on your own computer?

  4. Im using a older belkin 54g router,I dont know the exact modem im using. My isp is comcast,The server is hosted on my own computer. this is how im running it. http://i.imgur.com/COyz954.png my nat setting is moderate.All my friends are connected and have no problems at all to the server and its only when i try to connect to my own server i have the problem.I have my computer i run it on and play on in a dmz and my nat still shows up as moderate in games.
  5. Do you connect to your own server use the external IP?

    Can you try connect to it use 'port'

  6. The problem is now fixed, I had to join my local instead of external, I diddn't think it would be something that simple. thanks for the quick reply
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