This PC build or PS4?

Hi all, not sure how well this PC will hold up vs PS4 say two years down the line.

i5 3550 @3.3GHz (3.7 Turbo)
Nvidia GTX 770
8GB 1333 RAM

Screen Res 1920x1080
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  1. That PC will be way better. But try to go for 1600mhz ram at least.
  2. Is your pc upgradable? Do you think a consol game unit is what or where you want to be at? A game unit is great but in my past I would choose a pc over a game unit anyday.
  3. I heard 1333 and 1600 ram had 0 real world performance difference in gaming, and to upgrade it would cost me 100 bucks since my mobo is 1333. so basically a 660ti and 1600 ram or a 770 and 1333.
  4. is the change from 1333 to 1600 Ram really worth losing the 770 for a 660ti?
  5. My question is how many gigs of ram do you have with a ps 4 or xbox then ask this how many gigs with pc maybe the pc don't have as many games ported to it as the game devices but when it comes time that the pc is slower and don't render... IE display as well as the game boxes do then its time for me to get a game box even tho you heard 1333 and 1600 has no world difference in gaming why would millions of people by 1600 ram over 1333 ram? theres always some difference in all the specs on ram cpus vid cards ect theres something there otherwise these companys would be defunt right. I see some difference between 1333 and 1866 yet I see A ton from 800 to 1333.
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    Gtx 770 + 1333mhz ram is way better.

    Ps4 will cost 400$ it will have 8gb of ram and the gpu is equivalent to a hd 7850/7870
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