Wittled it down to 3 psu's, need help deciding which one to use

Hi guys,

I am building a new system with the following specs and need a bit of help with the PSU:

intel 3570K
ASrock z77-extreme4
powercolor pcs+ 7850
antech kuhler 620
G.Skill XL ripjaws 8gb
6*nanoxia deep silence 140 fans

I plan on overclocking both the CPU and GPU and the only upgrade i can see would be upgrading to a crossfire setup using 2 7850's.

I have browsed this forum a lot to try and work out my PSU and have come up with 3 options, but i am open to any others especially if they are of good quality and cheaper. they are:

Thermaltake Toughpower XT 775W
Silverstone strider plus 750W
silverstone strider plus 850W

is 750W not enough?

I am open to any suggestions but i have around $150 to spend, the silverstone strider plus 850W is stretching my budget but it is ok if it means future proofing my pc.

Lastly i live in australia which makes comparing prices somewhat difficult. if it is of any use some shops that i have dealt with well in the past are:

PC case gear

thanks guys
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  1. For that setup you'll probably don't need more then 600watt so those PSU's are pretty much overkill.

    I have no experience with Silverstone and Thermaltake PSU's so can't help with that sorry.
  2. Best answer recommends a 650w psu for 2 7850. The Silverstone 750 w is the best choice.
  3. First, like mentioned above, you do not really need 750W unless you plan to add a second or third HD7850. Even 550W should be already enough.
    Silverstone is OK. Other brands like Antec, Seasonic, PPC and Corsair are also OK. I like however Seasonic better than any brands.
    But again, Silverstone is OK.

    Off topic: I would recommend to get a GPU from better brand like Club3D, MSI, Gigabyte, Shappire, HIS, etc. I have bad experiences with powercolor.
  4. Just something to see regarding PS's, articles too:
  5. thanks guys that is all i needed. I'll keep looking for a PSU at 750W. If i cant find anything cheaper ill go with the silverstone.

    Also thanks for the heads up about the GPU, unfortunately i have already purchased it, and the reviews all say they are good so i'll wait and see.
  6. Corsair are crap. Rosewill is reallygood.
    For example 550w M rosewill gives you 620w to 100% load.
    700w only 64$ price.
    for 750w maybe this.
    450w is enough quality do not come cheap.:
    But better choice is take good 550w like this:
    Or this:
    They are not cheap but they are really good. 5 year warranty tells you something right?
    And look tests. They are outstanding in any way you look them. Do not trust me. Look the tests-
  7. AxlFone said:
    Corsair are crap.

    wth you talking about, corsair is certainly not crap...
  8. aatje92 said:
    AxlFone said:
    Corsair are crap.

    wth you talking about, corsair is certainly not crap...

    Sorry to tell you this but it is. 5% RMA to any PSU makes it crap IMO.
    RMA quote 5% yeah really good PSU. Good PSU do have max 2%
    And this do have 3% RMA

    Good PSU like Super Flower Golden Green do have 1%

    1% RMA to 1100 sold units.

    And then last but not least. Look here:
    What can we say about the future? Of course, we can’t predict it but we can give you the scores of the 5 products with the worst returns rates for the period from October 1st 2011 to April 1st 2012 for returns before April 2012 (namely 0 to 6 months use with a minimum sample of 100):
    Power supplies:
    3.41% Corsair CX600 V2 80PLUS
    2.65% Cooler Master GX 450W 80PLUS Bronze
    1.97% Corsair CX430 V2 80PLUS
    1.82% Corsair HX750W 80PLUS Silver
    1.82% Corsair Professional Series Gold AX850 80PLUS Gold

    There is 4 Corsair modells. So are they good?
    You guys in USA need to focus on seasonic,rosewill and xfx. Maybe they are better choice for you guys because you do NOT have Super Flower like we do in EU zone :)
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