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Hello community;
I am starting do design and build my first scratch built computer case. My goal is to have two completely separate systems in one enclosure, meaning two motherboards, PSUs etc. in the same enclosure. The reason? It's cool (at least to me). Anyway, to do so I would like to mount the motherboard flat, as in its back is parallel with the floor, with one mobo shelf mounter above the other. Now here's the thing; the reason why is chiefly because of mobo weight; I'm planning on using some heavy components such as a NH-D14 or a CNPS12X (I don't like water cooling of any kind) plus two or three graphics cards per board. Also I want to travel with the case and I would feel better if the components are not trying to rip the board apart.
However someone brought to my attention that mobos are only good in shear not bending (vertical mounting being shear loading and of course flat being bend loading), Is that true? If so could I support the board underneath with a rubber padded studs located at strategic places (no screws or soldering at those places of course). Also do any of you guys that travel to LAN parties have any trouble transporting your rigs? Thanks in advance :)
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  1. I strongly suggest closed loop water cooling both processors on both motherboards - it will significantly reduce the height of the case. Lets see a sketch...
  2. Hi
    You could put a thin sheet of rigid polystyrene under the motherboard,this would support the motherboard over its entire surface.
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