Upgrade from IP B970 to i7 2nd or 3rd gen?

I have a Sony Laptop with an Intel Pentium B970 Processor http://ark.intel.com/products/63915 and i want to upgrade to an i7 but my question is wich one? can i upgrade to 2nd gen or 3rd gen? i saw some Chips on sale like i7 3632QM or i7 2630QM they both seemed proper but are they?
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  1. Well most of the time the CPU is soldered on in a laptop, so upgrading will be out of the question. Also note that the cooling solution and PSU in your laptop are only sufficient for the hardware it comes with, it isn't made for upgrades.
  2. no upgrades possible. forget it
  3. Is it that bad? i mean i heard of some guys upgrading there laptops according to the same socket the FCPGA988...
  4. It varies depending on the laptop model. Some are soldered in with a BGA socket. You have a chip with a PGA socket, so it isn't soldered in.

    There are other concerns though, you will have to check with the laptop manufacturer to make sure that motherboard will support any of the i7 mobile CPUs, if the motherboard BIOS doesn't support them, you can't upgrade. There will also likely be thermal issues if you upgrade. The laptop manufacturer designed their cooling to cool a low powered dual core chip, the Pentium B970. You want to install a higher powered quad core CPU, which will generate much more heat, odds are even if you successfully upgrade your CPU, you are likely to run into overheating issues.
  5. As TheBigTroll says, forget it.
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