Astro A50 and ???

Hey guys I come here in a last resource as i am trying to figure out some questions i have even though i have already researched a ton in this all dolby and the astro matter

So here is the deal I finally decided to buy myself the astro a50, and in no way i am changing this choice but then i started seeing people say that i need either a motherboard or a sound card with dolby digital live, so my first question is will i be able to take full advantage of the headset if i just have a motherboard with DTS Connect like the Asus maximus VI hero ?????????

The second question is - I really like the sonic radar feature of that motherboard and therefore i would like to have it and it comes with either this motherboard or the rog soundcards but the thing is that i don't think that any rog motherboard or soundcard have any dolby digital live support. Do you know any ???

Finally i would like to know if you could make some suggestions if i can't use this motherboard for the full enjoyment of the headset, i would be sticking with the astro a50 and the motherboard so what soundcard would you recommend to use with this setup (preferably a asus rog)

thanks in advance and i came here in a last resource since i found no answers to this question anywhere else
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  1. I finally stumbled upon an answer while hours of researching and in fact i do need a dolby digital live (encoder ???) so my only question now is does either the maximus VI hero have or the phoebus for example ???
    I will not change the motherboard but if the motherboard has this feature i won't add a soundcard
    if i need a soundcard then i would be likely grab the phoebus (no matter the drivers deal) but i don't know if it has the dolby digital live capacity has some websites say that it does not and some say that it has that feature please help me
    for example in here ( we can see it has the feature and then for example in here ( - (open the encoder tab )it says it does not
    thanks in advance
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