my samsung smart tv is not acessing internet via wired network

my samsung smart tv is not getting connected to the is showing a connectivity with modem but not to the internet.i am using a wired network using cisco modem having connection of asianet dataline.what should i do?please help me.i'd succeded in connecting the wireless network to the smart tv via mobile phone.
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  1. If your behind a router, is it set to issue IP's via DHCP and TV is set to recieve from IP from DHCP , then router should give it an IP, if static IP makes sure ..

    IP = 192.168.x.x in the range of what the router IP is.
    Subnet =
    Gateway/DNS = IP of router

    Can you ping the TV's IP from anothet PC.

    If TV directly link to ISP, ensure it is not picking up a 192.x.x.x or 10.x.x.x or 169.x.x.x IP.
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