My new build, advice please

Hello peoples,

Just built my new PC and I wanted to ask a quick question about overclocking my 3770k. I read that 1.5v is the max intel recommend. So would starting at 1.5v, stressing it for couple of hours to check stability then lowering it gradually until it becomes unstable be ok.
I am cooling it with a H70.
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    1.5v with a H70!!! :ouch: :no: 1.5v is more commonly known as a "Suicide Run", meaning people who want to get the highest possible OC for benchmarking, bragging rights or just because they can. Now there's nothing wrong with that, but that's just a short run at 1.5v. For a 24/7 1.5v OC, you will need a "SERIOUS" custom water loop or maybe even LN2 or temps are going to hit dangerous levels FAST!

    I have a 3770k and mine seems to be a bad OC'er, but even mine doesn't need anywhere close to 1.5v.

    Take it slow, don't push passed 1.35 on a closed loop cooler. I mean no disrespect but that H70 isn't going to cool your chip at 1.5v, in fact it may well struggle above 1.3v. Check Windows Event Viewer for Error 19 WHEA-Logs as you might think you are stable, but windows may tell you otherwise. Oh and although the TJ max for Ivy is 105c, that is meant as a max temp "spike", not constant temp. Keep it under 80c,...... 85c if you really want to push it but that's the max.
    Up it 1.3v and lets say 4.2Ghz, that should be enough even for a seriously bad chip. Test the temps, if temps are ok and it's stable, try 4.3, rinse and repeat until you start losing stability, then you know where the limit is.

    Good luck, =)
  2. Double post
  3. Right ok, 1.5v bad idea. Thanks, good job I asked before trying. So I should start at 1.3v or lower then.
    Thank you, ya saved my ass and my CPU hehe
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