Help with SSD on ASUS M3N78 Pro

I am looking to upgrade PC by adding an SSD and re-installing Windows 7 onto it.

The motherboard is an ASUS M3N78 Pro and, reading up on it, it seems that SATA ports 1-4 should be used for IDE devices (presumably my existing SD/DVD and HDD) and SATA 5-6 can be used for AHCI (the SDD)

However, if I go into BIOS then it only lists 1-4 and there is no mention of 5-6. Can I just plug SDD in and use or do I need to upgrade/install something first - or during OS installation?

Sorry for dumb questions, but, I am struggling to get my head around this!
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  1. uhh this is gonna be messy it probably that port 5 and 6 are running on a third party contolers which means that they cant be used for boot drives though im not sure to use with the ssd you will have to manualy configure it to ahci which will make it so you cant use your curent windows instal
  2. Can I use one of the SATA 1-4 ports and plug the SDD into one of those?

    Would it work? Would it run with reduced performance? Would I be able to set as the Boot drive?
  3. yes but you have to make sure that they are set to achih and NOT ide
  4. or it will be very bottlenecked
  5. legokill101 said:
    yes but you have to make sure that they are set to achih and NOT ide

    Do I do that somewhere in BIOS? Had a brief look but didn't see it - maybe, will look a bit more.

    If I were to change now, would my existing drives continue to work?
  6. yes its in bios
  7. is it a bios or a uefi
  8. legokill101 said:
    is it a bios or a uefi

    Sorry, what is a uefi?
  9. its it just basic text or fancey graphics
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