Super budget build: Need thoughts and advice

Hi, I put this super budget build (under 400€) together just for fun, but I would like to know if it's an actual, viable office/home/light gaming PC? Thoughts and advice would be much appreciated.


Thanks for reading. :)
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  1. It will work. The APU is a bit on the weak side. For light gaming you want at least an A8.

    Also for an APU build you want 1600mhz RAM for sure.
  2. first of all, stick to amd, i have a phenom 2 - 840. its 3.2 ghz 4 core. super quiet.

    then if you want some better graphics performance, go for nvidia. If you dont, go for ATI or AMD.
    my GC is a ATI Radeon HD 5570, its low end but is great for hardcore gaming and office use. super cheap.

    then go for an asus bother board, just reason...asus is better.

    get just like 1 4gb ram card, MAKE SURE IT FITS THE MOTHERBOARD BEFORE BUYING. there are standard and not standard sizes.

    harddrives are cheap but stick to western digital.

    the rest does not matter as it is personal preference. Im running windows 7, but i tripple boot into Ubuntu and Linux mint since they are free. but there also is Debian, Red Hat and much much more.

    but really, making a low end pc is not good in the long run, yes you will spend an extra 100 bucks to make it a more high end pc, but it will last longer, and will stay up to day longer. therefore 5 years from now, it will still be fast. keep that in mind.

    hope this points you in the right direction
  3. Alright, thanks a bunch. I'll look into other solutions.
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