BF4 and 2Gb VRAM on 1 monitor..thoughts?

Hey guys, I have a 2Gb 680 and am starting to sweat this "next-gen" of games. I only have a single monitor and want to max all settings on games for at least the next two years. In order to do that I was considering buying a second 680 for that, but IYO will VRAM limit what even two 680s with 2gigs will be able to do on a single monitor over the next couple of years.

I guess a good hypothetical is Battlefield 4, since BF3 was (and still kinda is) a VRAM hog at times.

Any educated guesses?
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  1. You should not be too badly off I think, assuming that the one monitor is not higher than 1080p.
  2. I max BF3 on an HD 7850 (1GB) and it is smooth at 40fps on Ultra maxed with 4xMSAA. Edit let me try it out on my new 1080P monitor to see if I have a performance degradation from mu old 1050P monitor. Edit just played BF3 for the first time on my new 1080P monitor and I get even better performance @ 1080P with my 1GB HD 7850 than I did when I was using a 1680x1050 monitor.
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