Computer won't start after installing graphics card

hi there, after installing a new XFX HD 7770 1gb DD my computer when turned on let off a loud beeping sound about 3 times and the light on the front of the case turned red. now my pc won't turn on at all but the light of the case turns green when i push the power button and the light goes off as soon as i let go, i have tried running the pc with no 'extra' components namely my HDD, and graphics cards disk drive and i also ran it with only one stick of ram but still no luck could anyone help me out here.
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  1. anonymous1 said:
    Sound like your PSU was not able to power the system with your new GPU. Do you have a known working PSU to swap in?

    i do the one i used was a stock 500w psu, i've just tried the other psu in my house its an alpine 700w, i tried it without the card and nothing turned on, not even the fan in the psu but the light on the front did come on so that indicates that there is power.
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