Pleas help , my second hand hardrive says read only and is offline?

okay , so my uncle gave me his old hard drive it is 1 tb if you need to know. so when i go into my computer management and open my hard disk it is listed at the bottom above my c and says : Disk 0
9315.51 gb
Ready only unallocated
? so what can i do to format this drive so i can use i as my own , i really want to know and don't have any money to buy a new one? when i right click and try do anything it is just blanked out and wont let me go online ? just says read only... thanks doc hollow pleas help me
( Running windows 7 64 bit )
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  1. right mouse-click the drive and select "Online" oops - got ahead of myself there, without reading your full description

    Make your boot drive the drive connected to the port on your motherboard where the new (old) drive is. Basically swap the ports on the motherboard between the 2 drives. Then go into Disk Manager and right mouse-click and see if you can select "Online"
  2. nope , when i right click on it , there is no opetion to do aything everything is just grey and unable to be clicked on
  3. Why , will my normal drive still work with windows 7 and things on ?
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