Flickering and varying horizontal and vertical lines lead to BSOD-Blue screen error

Hi all,
I have a two year old Dell Inspiron N5010.
it has given a satisfactory performance till now except for one time when it would suddenly shutdown and restart in a blink which was solved by cleaning the vents and fan.
But the problem i am facing now is quite abstruse. I have been seeing these random horizontal/vertical lines (spanning random area on screen) and sometimes black rectangular regions that culminates in the BSOD within few seconds and then system restart.
These lines/blocks usually appear after 10-15 minutes after boot but sometimes this happens even during windows loading.And when it does work properly there is no problem in playing videos
Also ATI mobility radeon driver (catalyst control center) stops working (notification balloon is issued)
I have tried reinstalling the OS (win8) but problem persists. Even in Ubuntu i could see these lines around sidebar icons and sudden shutdown followed there too!
I was guessing that overheating is causing some problem with graphics card but when i phone-talked to dell customer care, they told me to run a pre-boot diagnostics which reported 2000-0146 hard disk error. So dell customer care concluded that problem is with harddisk alone due to which system is inable to read files on the harddisk and it needs to be replaced.
Here i couldn't follow those guys as i find this causing lines and block on screen little nonsensical.
Also, during internet survey i found few similar posts claiming that a new hard drive only helps in getting rid of the diagnostic error(2000-0146) but the lines and BSOD still remains.
Here are a few pictures

Can Someone please suggest me what component might be causing failure.
Is it possible that over heating is causing hard drive/graphics card failure [HD tune shows error in Airflow Temperature only - Airflow temp:52] leading to BSOD or is it just some loose connections.
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  1. looks like an overheating issue, clean the CPU and GPU heatsink
  2. notea said:
    looks like an overheating issue, clean the CPU and GPU heatsink

    I tried that but sadly it didn't solve the problem..
    Also tried replacing RAM but that too didn't help.
    Recently some new symptoms also started showing..like these dots on right side while playing a video

    And BSOD errors include:
    -system thread exception not handled
    -pagefault in non paged area
    -system service exception-
    -memory management
    -bad pool header
    -video tdr failure

    What might be the problem?
  3. Got it repaired.
    Happens to be some GPU problem. Some sort of mounting had to be done. Didn't cost much though.
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