IDE to SATA Adapter problems

Hi, I have an AsRock FM2A55M-DGS Mobo with 6 SATA Ports. I already had one IDE to SATA converter

(like this

as I didn't want to buy another disk drive and for ages it was working fine. I wanted to stick another HD in my rig as I wanted to back up some stuff so I chose an old IDE HD (as i Don't own any other SATAs) so I bought another adapter (it is identical) The LED lit up but no sign of detection in the BIOS or by Vista so I made sure everything was powered and connected, yes and no luck. I changed the lead, still nothing, changed the adapter and still nothing, in fact neither adapter works now, it seems a bit hit and miss to me! I have tried various jumper setting (CS, Master, Slave) and still no luck. So to sum up neither my DVD-RW nor HDD work, any solutions?

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  1. In most cases IDE to SATA converter/adapter won't work. I don't know why but this is it. If it's not working don't try hard to make it work, it might damage your MB. It's from my personal experience and opinion.
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