8 pins ESP(4+4) PSU plug on 8 pins MOBo/CPU power connector??

Hi everyone, I done some researches and knew just a 4pins will works fine on the 8pins Mobo.

However, I got a 8pins (4+4) plug and I want to plug them all to the board just makes me feel better, but here is the problem.

one of the 4pins plug's (A) shape fits to the right side of the 8pins connector on the board but my other 4pins plug's (B) shape looks different from the left 4 slot from the 8 pins connector on the board...

The slot shapes on the connector are like,
"(P) as for pointy head in my words and (S) as for square head XD"
(P) (S) (S) (P)
(S) (P) (P) (S)

and the 4pins plug (B) I have got is all pointy heads...
Will that be fine if I just plug the (B) in anyway??

Sorry for my bad english and kind regards
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  1. Should be fine,plug it in just like that.

    4+4 = 8 {+ that's why they are made like that , so if you have 8 on the board}
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