Amd 8350 cpu/nb and ht linl frequencies for overclock

Hi there. I am very new to over clocking and cant seem to find much info on this.

I am running my 8350 at 4.4ghz and 1.284 cpu voltage. What sort of cpu nb and ht link frequencies should I be setting. I currently have them both at 2400mhz and cpu nb voltage at 1.15.

My question is do I need it at these settings if I have only 8gb of 1600mhz ram from patriot? Also any tips on over clocking this cpu would be nice
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  1. Any ideas or input? Also I have put the cpu/nb and ht at 2400 each with the same voltage as stock. Is this ok
  2. NappySlapper said:
    Any ideas or input? Also I have put the cpu/nb and ht at 2400 each with the same voltage as stock. Is this ok

    I have no clue but want the answer, im planning the same thing on the same cpu.
  3. Your NB, is not necessary to adjust for your CPU overclock. It's fine at stock with 1600MHz DDR3 RAM.

    My advice for overclocking would be to inch your way up bumping the clock multiplier until it's unstable, then bump your vcore up in increments until it steadies out again (test this with prime95 or IBT). Do that until you get to where you want to be, then run prime95 and IBT and benchmarks that really stress your CPU to make sure your OC is stable.

    There are some good guides at as well.
  4. Thanks for the reply, if it does not effect cpu- will overclocking nb have any effect on overall performance?

    Also thanks for the overclocking tips. I will do some tests tomorrow and maybe post results back here or at the overclocking forums for feedback.
  5. YES...NB is tied to your RAM which will give you better performance if you run high bandwidth RAM.
  6. Everything I've read states that your NB frequency should be 3 times your base RAM frequency. For example: if your RAM is set to 1600Mhz, the base is 800Mhz so your NB should be 2400MHz. Anything slower than 3 times the base will bottle neck the ram.

    That being said, you don't HAVE to do it. Just know that you get the max out of your ram at 3 times the base and any faster on the NB is wasteful.

    Currently I have 2133Mhz ram but my system refuses to be stable with a NB higher than 2800Mhz, so while it would be ideal for me to be at 3200MHz on the NB it won't happen and thats okay.
  7. 22-2400 cpu/nb for fx
    ht link same or maybe 200 more..can't remember clearly
    Cpu/nb doesn't go as high as previous chips.
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