Can't decide on a Case, please help

Hi There,
I'm starting to price/part out a new system. I'm going with an Intel Haswell and 1 or 2 (will eventually definitely be 2) GTX 780s. I'm going with the ASUS Z87-DELUXE/DUAL LGA 1150 for a motherboard and an OCZ ZX Series 850W Fully-Modular PSU.

My quandry is that I have no clue what case to get. I've been doing my research (going to company sites and reading lots of Tom's articles) and at this point I'm overwhelmed by the options. I have an Antec 900 and find it's too small for the larger GPUs and it's from late 2007. As such I'd like a full-size tower and I've been looking at the Cooler Master Cosmos II and Haf X 942. Cougar's Challenger and Evolution Cases also look interesting.

It might help to know my case wants, so here you go: Good cable management, fan filters, tooless device options, lots of fan options, and the ability to liquid cool should I eventually go that route. I'd like to stay south of $350.00 (the Cosmos is pricey) as less expensive would be better.

Finally, from my research it seems Full cases and bottom aligned PSU's run into cable length issues, what cable extensions would I need to look for and could you link a brand/product?

Thanks in advance, and sorry for the lengthy post. :)
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  1. I'll suggest a mid-tower case rather than full tower.
    Something in the $50-100 range should be great for your needs, and save a good chunk of money, and will eliminate cord issues

    Haf X, in particular, is huge. I've had New York Apartments with less square footage :D

    the tricky bit is cases are the single most subjective option in your PC. Almost any case will do what you need it to do (hold your parts), so its an aesthetic choice. My personal PC is a small mini-tower that limits to 9 inch cards and micro atx motherboards, because I like small and plain.
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    I have a HAF X and boy is it big! It is awesome to build in, there is lots of space (not quite as much for cable management, but it is still exceptional) The cooling is fantastic, and has a good amount of fans standard.
    I don't remember running into cable length issues, but I can certainly see how someone might

    I know they aren't full tower (well one is) but the Corsair Carbide series are very good. I have built in 2 of them (400R and 300R, I believe) and they were really pleasant to build in (clearly they are smaller than HAF X, but if it is good enough, for a lot less $, may be worth it)

    and as far as extensions, I don't know any brands, but you have a good chance of finding them (and other nifty stuff) on (although it seems their site is down right now)
  3. Thank you for the quick answers.

    I've been looking at various parts. The Corsair Carbide 500R case looks pretty spiffy and has/does what I want it to. It seems to have good cable management and fits GPUs up to 450+ mm.


    I'll come back soon with a build (prob post in the new build forum) and see what advice I can get from there.
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