I remember when I was in 3rd grade my parents bought a gateway computer (i remember the cow box). I also remember being OBSSESSED with this game that (i think) came with the computer. It was a kids game the only thing i really remember about it is it was like on a farm and it wasnt designed like old video games (all pixelly) it was pretty high tech...for the 90s! I know its a long shot and ive been searching everywhere for the name of it but am coming up with nothing. if anyone can help I woud soo appreciate it. It is just driving me nuts I dont know what its called. Thanks!
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  1. A little more info would be great.
  2. Obviously 'Munchers'
  3. thats the thing i dont really remember a lot about it...i was 8 haha. i remember the farm was like the main page and some kind of animal took you to different mini games. i was just hoping for some kind of list or database of old games that came on gateway computers in the 90s and something would ring a bell...not munchers though - that is what i was talking about designed like old video games. it didnt look like that. it had pretty good graphics for the 90s. not video game-y, more storybook in design with educational mini games!
  4. let me know if this link works for you
  5. Tuneland is the game that came with Gateway.
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