How to Hook up Speakers and Computer to Amp

Hello. Thanks for reading my post.

I'm thinking of getting the Dayton Audio B652 speakers:

And I'd like to attach them to my computer but I don't know how or what cords to buy. My computer has a 3.5mm female jack for audio.

I might also getting the Lepai LP-2020A+ amplifier.

Can you help me figure out how to attach Lepai Amp and Dayton Audio B652 speakers to my computer?

Thank you.
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  1. Just get a 3.5mm to RCA stereo cable.

    Connect the mini-jack to the green analog port on your motherboard or sound card, and connect the red-white RCA end to the amp.

    BTW, your links are broken.
  2. a- your links are broken-b you need a 3.5mm sterio jack extension
  3. Oh dang it; my links are broken.

    These are the Dayton Audio speakers:

    This is the Lepai amplifier:

    I hope they're not broken this time.

    Thanks to the posts, I understand I need a 3.5mm to RCA stereo cable to connect the amp to the computer. But I don't know how to connect the speakers to the amp. As you can see in the link for the speakers, the speakers come with cables that have a small metal extensions. I don't know where the extensions go or what cables to use in order to connect the speakers to the amp.

    Thanks both of you for replying and thanks for reading my post.
  4. If you have not already ordered

    dayton changed manufactures of the B652 speakers awhile ago... end user reports indicate that these new production models are significantly different (for the worse) than the previous well reviewed versions.


    Polk Monitors (polk direct on ebay has some nice deals)

    Micca Motion MB42 ($50~) on amazon

    pioneer has some well reviewed bookshelf offerings

    way more money $220 ~ish cambridge S30

    $100~ MORDAUNT SHORT Carnival 1

    personally i would (and did) get a bit nicer t-amp (I have a SMSL SA-S3 which cost about $60 shipped came with a nice 4A power supply (the lepai has iffy (imho) build quality and comes with a terrible 2A power supply... it is advisable (at added cost) to replace the Power supply with a 5+ power supply.... however if you are going to do that might as well get a better t-amp to start with.

    the Topping TP20 MKII ($70~ish on amazon) is also quite nice.

    speaker wise ...I love used speakers my monitors are flanked by JBL L1 speakers I got for $40 (these cost about $800 new)


    Uploaded with

    the other speakers in this shot are some B&W V202's I paid $20 for ...

    right now I'm listening to the JBL's w/a $20 used Yamaha C-60 pre amp and a $7 Elan Z660 Power amp (bridged 120WPC) ... so ya' im into this $67 and for under $70 it is kicking much ass....
  5. here is the c-60 (bit worse for 20 some years of wear honestly... but sounds amazing) and the elan

    this shot has also my Pioneer SP-700D ($15) i was using as a pre before scoring the Yammy.
  6. Hmm just observe polarity when hooking up amp to speakers via speaker wire and it's all good ^^
    A video for set up
  7. Thanks Atarione for informing me about Dayton and Batuchka for posting the video.

    Atarione, I think I'll take your advice and get the SMSL SA-S3. I'm thinking of getting the Micca Motion MB42. (It's too bad makers of Dayton changed manufacturers. I'm guessing they would have sold a lot more speakers if they kept the same manufacturers.) Atarione, do you know how to connect speakers and computer to the SMSL SA-S3 amp? I think I need 3.5mm to RCA stereo cable to connect amp to computer. But how do I connect Micca Motion MB42 speakers to the amp?

    Thanks Batuchka. I think I know how to connect speakers to Lepai. If I get a Lepai, I know who to contact (Parts Express) if I need to learn how to connect the Lepai.

    Thanks everyone.
  8. Yep u are welcomed and happy shopping ^^
  9. I still need help figuring out how to attach speakers to SMSL SA-S3 amp to speakers. I think I know how to attach Lepai to speakers but the back of SMSL SA-S3 amp is different from Lepai.

    Oh Yeah; one more question. If I get Lepai and have a 2A power supply instead of 4A, what is reduced? Is the volume reduced?
  10. hey bud easiest way order from monoprice (or whatever)

    but some of these
    (technically this will be one more pair than you need but you'll have a spare I guess... way cheaper than getting 4 at bb or radioshack for sure...

    and some speaker wire say like this

    then basically cut two length of wire (make them the same length about ~ long enough to get from t-amp to speakers (leave some extra length for working with and making connections and what not..) anyways strip a bit of wire on each end (say 1/4") unscrew one of the banana plugs (red goes on the wire w/ stripe) black on one without.... stick wire through whole a bottom spread wire out around edge of lower half of banana plug screw top piece on... do that for all for 4 ends of all the speakers / amp connections then plug the banana plugs into amp and speakers (red to red / black to black obviously?).
  11. Thanks for helping me out Atarione. What are the wire (with ends stripped off so that the copper wire protrudes) called? Are they called banana wire? I'd rather buy them than make them.
  12. Banana plugs are one of several speaker wire terminations. Here is a video for banana plug installation

    Also some have noted a better sound with a bigger PSU on the Lepai but bottom line is the default 12V/2A is fine to get it running off the bat ^^
  13. Thanks Batuchka and everyone. I think I have enough knowledge to buy speakers. If I have anymore questions, I'll come back here. Thanks!!!
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