Intel Core i5-3570k Overclocking guide?

Hey everyone, I am interested in learning how to overclock my CPU a little bit, I am using a i5-3570k with a 750 watt PSU, does anyone know of a sleek guide thats easy to understand/follow on how to overclock this CPU?
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  1. Every mobo is different. I prefer turbo boost overclocking. Look for that in the bios, and set multiplier to 40 aka 4000mhz.
  2. It needs to be a Z68/Z77 (Z75 too maybe another) mobo and you need an aftermarket CPU cooler. The *only* thing you need to change for a lower end overclock is the multiplier (leave the voltage on Auto if that's a choice). Start at a multiplier of 41 (4.1ghz) on all four cores. If the system boots properly, run Prime95 on it for a while and watch temps (I like to stay below 70C). If it's stable, bump it up one (42, 43, etc) and try again. If it's not, go back to the last known good one.

    That's the easy button. You can get into voltage, offsets, LLC, and a lot of other settings if you really want to. You can google guides with that info.

    I'd leave speedstep on so the CPU downclocks to 1.6ghz when idling or doing easy tasks.
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  5. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    Sweet board!!!!!!!!!!!!


    So the multiplier from what I could see was already at 41? When I go to change it to 42 it switches back to 41, what am I doing wrong?

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