Is it worth upgrading my CPU

I currently have a amd A6 3.60 ghz CPU and i was wondering if upgrading to a amd A8 would be worth it and if i would see much of a improvement when gaming?

I was going to upgrade my GPU instead (i have a gtx 650) but someone told me that my CPU would be holding it back and not worth it. Is this true?

(sorry if some of this doesn't make much sense i'm a bit of a pc noob :) )
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  1. Yeah it would improve your gaming experience since the A8-5600K has 4 cores while your A6 5400k only has two cores. Here's a site you can use to check the difference between both processors.

    I'm still trying to figure out why you bought an APU instead of a tradition CPU if your using a discrete video card. If you would have went with an AMD 965 Black Edition for $20-$30 more your gaming experience would be so much better. But seeing how you have an FM2 socket motherboard if you can stretch your budget I would actually go with the A10-5800K or the new Richland A10-6800K.
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