Is the HIS Radeon HD 7970 a good card?

I'm trying to decide between a Radeon HD 7970 and a GTX 670 right now. I'm leaning towards a 7970. Is the HIS version of this graphics card a good version? Is it worth the $390.00 (current New Egg price)? If not, or even if so, what is a better version of the 7970 (below $400.00 please). Thank you ahead of time! :D
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  2. ksham said:

    So then that is the best variant of the 7970 for below $400?
  3. In my opinion, yes.
  4. ksham said:
    In my opinion, yes.

    Thank you!
  5. You are welcome.
  6. ksham said:
    You are welcome.

    Whoah that thing just went wayy up in price on new egg...dammit :(

    Idk if you're going to respond to this anymore, but what's the best under $400 one out there now that the price on the sapphire vapor-x went way up?
  7. ksham said:

    Thanks again!
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