Cpu Bottlenecking, Intel core i3 2120 + AMD Radeon HD 7950


my current specs are: i3-2120, 8gig RAM, Radeon HD 6570, 19in monitor @ 1280x1024. Using a 350w power supply at the moment, but I have a 500w in my home server so I can swap them over easily.

I'm looking to gradually upgrade my system to make it more powerful for games.

1st upgrade - gfx card. I'm looking at Radeon HD 7950.

Will be upgrading later to a better monitor - at least 24in 1920x1080 or possibly a 27in 2560x1440, and will also upgrade CPU to an i5 when I have the money.

2 questions:

1) I'm trying to understand bottlenecking - I know that there will be some with the i3 and the 7950, but how does this affect framerate/detail levels that I can play at (i.e. what sort of framerates/detail could be achieved at 1280x1024 and 1920x1080 with the i3)?
2) If I do end up going with a 2560x1440 monitor, will the HD 7950 be able to handle this and what sort of frame rates can I expect at high/max detail?

Further info: Expecting to upgrade gfx card and monitor in the next few months. CPU will be towards the end of the year.

Battlefield 3 is probbably the most demanding game I play at the moment, followed by AC3. Will be looking to get BF4 and watch dogs when they come out.

Thanks in advance for the advice!
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    "bottlenecking" is really just describing the weakest point in your system for the specific purpose. In CPU restrictive games like multi-player BF3, PS2 and new games such as FC3, crysis3 and some upcoming titles use more CPU power than previous gen titles, most other games are GPU limited though and will play pretty decent, you will need an upgrade if you want to game at 1080 with consistent frame rate but its a good plan.

    As for the 27" the 7970 can drive it well but it really depends on the Game as to what the frame-rate will be. @1440 you are getting into SLI/CFX territory for High/Ultra gaming.

    Good Luck
  2. hello i have player with i33225 on geforce 670. no bootle neck, playerd BF3 and Crysis 3 max settings 1920x1080. your cpu do the job right. don´t worry. if u get an 3770 maybe u get 5fps more for 150us more...
  3. Thanks for the quick replys. You've put my mind at ease that I am doing the right thing! I think it's likely I will go with a 24in 1920x1080 monitor as I can't really justify spending £450 on a monitor!
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