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Hi. I'm building a new PC. I will be using it for gaming, streaming, and photo/video editing. I realize that I will not fully utilize 16GB or RAM. But 1x8GB stick came with my motherboard so I was thinking of getting an identical 1x8GB stick to make it a total of 16GB. It would be the same price as buying 2x4GB to make 8GB. Like I said, I know I won't even use 16GB but which would give me better performance? Or is there an even better option out there besides these?

This -

or this - (1 came with my motherboard. The other 8GB stick will cost me $67. This link is just used to show that it would be a total of 16GB)
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  1. There really no benefit to buying expensive ram. 8GB is plenty.
  2. If you're editing video and photos, go with 16GB.
  3. The 1 8GB will run only in single channel, the pair in Dual channel (faster, about 15 or so percent), another of these 8GB sticks jumps you to 16GB (and in dual channel) so it's a ++, more DRAM and faster DRAM...While I generally don't advocate mixing sticks from different packages, (and they may not want to play together), since they are entry level (1600) and not performance sticks, think at most would need a tRFC change since XMP won't work -- also will get more ++++s with 16GB in the video, etc work
  4. if u have 1 8gig chip, you'll need a matching second for dual channel ram. so yea, grab another.
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    For more performance go with the higher frequency and its corresponding latency (lowest latency recommended, eg CL9 when using DDR3-1866MHz). 8GB should be good for Gaming. For video editing 8GB-16GB should be good but if you are using large sized files for editing then 16GB is recommended. Also it will come in handy when you are multitasking. If you are to mix the existing 8GB memory then get exactly the same speed, same latency and voltage memory. If you are considering to go with higher speed memory then try using 1866MHz or 2133MHz or 2400MHz if you are using Haswell series processors especially K models.

    More memory is always better. IMO, I recommend 16GB I think you may need it. Good luck with the upgrade. Cheers, mate. :hihi:
  6. you'll notice very little if any difference between 8 and 16GB ram. You'll also notice very little difference at speeds above 1600MHz ram unless you're doing over clocking as the memory controller is built into the CPU and most CPU's only support up to 1600MHz memory. Dual channel that's one of those debatable subjects, some people and sites will tell you it does help speed things up while others will tell you it doesn't, it all depends on the application(s) you're using. And like both of the previous posters (Darkman69 and dthesleepless) pointed out 8GB is plenty if all you're doing is gaming, video editing and working with photo's 16GB or more is recommended.
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