What Graphics Card do I need for a Dual monitor setup?

I've overheated & killed 3 cards in the last year lol.

I have a 42" & a 24" monitor on my setup.
The 42" is an LG TV connected with an HDMI
The 24" is using DVI

I play games like Marvel Heroes and the game starts to shutter when I hit about 80 degrees on the graphics card.

The latest card I killed was:
NVIDIA GeForce 560 Ti (1gb mem)
Previous to that was:
ATI Radeon HD 5670 (1 gb mem)

If I just pick up a card with 2 gb of memory, will that work for me?
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  1. The memory isnt what makes a card. For what your doing a gtx 660 would be great
  2. Thanks, but I want to stay away from NVidia for now.
    I was getting the KERNEL Error multiple times a day & my friend had the 660 & he was getting similar issues.
    There's an issue with NVidia drivers apparently so I'll steer clear of that.
    Thanks anyway.
  3. The size of the displays have nothing to do with your cards burning out - 1920x1080 is 1920x1080
    I think you need to improve the airflow in your case to get the heat out - a better card will still overheat without the right airflow.
  4. Nope, not at all.
    I leave all the settings at recommended
    I was lead to believe that a 42" monitor is a heavier load on the card & having a 2nd monitor just increases that load.
    My brother has a similar rig to mine, we both had the same card & dual monitors, but his are both 24" & he had no problems.

    We swapped cards and I was having the issues again, so it wasn't he card.
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