how to know if this graphics card will fit the motherboard.

im thinking on getting a new graphics card, prolly a GTX 580 or a 670.
but i don't know if the motherboard i have will be able to handle it.
the motherboard is a: mso p8h67-m pro from ASUS.
i used to have a gtx 530 in it but it got fried because of an insect crawling into the card's fan and getting it stuck.
im also upgrading my PSU, the one i have right now just won't cut it, so feel free to give advice on which one to get!
im planning on using this computer for gaming.
im new to PC building, so if you have the time please feel free to explain the why this would work or why it wouldn't, i would love to learn more!

Many Gracias.
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    Both gpu's will fit on the P8H61-M PRO, but get the 670 its better for gaming. Your motherboard has a PCI-e slot, in which the video card will fit. It will work properly.
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