Using a laptop as a second monitor, does it need the same OS as desktop?

The title says it all, maybe. I am looking to use my latop as a second monitor for my computer, but the laptop is running Windows 8, while my desktop is Windows 7. Do they need the same OS to dual screen, or is the OS on the laptop irrelavant since im just using it as a screen?

Desktop GPU: ATI Radeon HD 5570
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    You generally can not use the laptop screen as a second screen for the desktop. The HDMI/VGA port on a notebook is an OUT, not in.

    You may be able to use software to let the desktop control the laptop, this makes it work like a second screen, but it will be doing all its own work.

    Check this out. May do just what you need.They have other software to do the same thing.
  2. You generally can't use a laptop as a second screen - they usually don't have a video in port.
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