DUAL or QUAD channel kit memory?

Hello pepz:D SORRY since this is not on the right forum..

Is Quad channel memory channel kit intended for single motherboard? I would like to purchase in new egg the quad channel kit for it is much lesser
which is;
times X2 $177.98

$145 dollars only, with the deference of $32.98

I will be using the other sticks for my brothers pc and the other two are for mine.

can i use the quad channel kit stick in separate?
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  1. You'll need to tell us the model of your motherboard. Whether you go for dual channel or quad channel will depend on what chipset your motherboard is. If I had to guess, I'd say dual channel, but depending on if it's a homebuild system or bought prebuilt from Acer/Hp/Gateway or the like, it might even be triple channel.

    If you don't know the model of motherboard, download and either run or install CPU-Z. Free program, and that will tell you what you have.
  2. Plain and simple, Yes. Just because it's 4 sticks, mean nothing can take 1 sticks ea and put in four different system, can put all of them in a tri channel and they'll work as tri, put all 4 in a dual channel they are going to work as dual channel - whatever CPU you pair them with and the number of sticks used will determine how they can be or are used
  3. What? If you put 4 sticks in a triple channel board, you'll have 4 sticks in single channel. Same with 4 sticks in a dual channel board. If you mean using any 3 of them in a triple channel, or any 2 of them in a dual channel set-up, you're right. What you say is a bit confusing, although you seem to be hitting on it in your last sentence.

    If you buy the quad channel kit, and your board either supports triple channel or quad channel you'll be fine(3 x 2gb sticks, just not using one 2gb stick). If it only supports dual channel you'll be either wasting your money(dual channel 2 x 2gb, assuming you are buying at least 8gb of ram, only using half of what you bought) or you'll be losing the benefits of dual channel(by ignoring it and still using 4 x 2gb's sticks in a dual channel board).
  4. Maybe drinking a little too much of that home brew ;) when talking tri and Quad we are talking Intel, many if not most tri channel will accommodate a a fourth stick and stay in tri-channel or at worse revert to dual channel. Same with dual channel mobos 1155, 1156, 1150 - good GOD even back to socket 775, they all (well most a very few comparatively speaking only have two slots) generally have 4 slots and if fill all 4 it all still runs in dual channel the CPUs have dual channel MCs (memory controllers) and the mobo has but 2 channels normally designated A and B - each channel accommodates two slots gen again, A1 and B1 as primes and A2 and B2 as secondaries...once A1 and B1 are filled you are in dual channel, and it stas when the other two are filled .No offense but you need to read up on how DRAM works...and to be honest, has worked for years. It's people coming onto the forums and making statements as you have as FACT, when there is no rational basis for the statement, other than you read something 10-15 years ago, that screws other people up, and the sad part is, there are newbs out there that believe some of this and act on it and pass it off as gospel, which just hurts more people... To be honest it makes me sick! DO some reading about the real world
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