A gaming computer that can be used for CAD programs.

I'm currently in the market for a new computer that will be used primarily for gaming as well as CAD programs such as Solid Works and AutoCAD. I'd like to be able to play games such as BF3, Civilization, and Compnay of Heroes at max settings. I'm looking to spend no more than $1000, at first i thought this would be more than enough. After searching around and deciding between AMD and Intel I've decided to purchase the follow items.

1. Intel i5-4670k 3.4GHZ CPU

2. ASUS Z-87-C Motherboard

3. Crucial Ballistix Sport 8gb DDR3 1600MHz

4. EVGA Superclocked Geforce GTX660 3gb

5.Western Digital Blue 500gb HDD 7200rpm 16mb cache

6. Samsung 840 series 120gb SSD SATA III

7. Corsair Builder Series CX600 600W Power supply

8.Lg 24X DVD Burner

9. Thermaltake Chaser A31 Gaming ATX Mid-Tower Case

Now my biggest concern is, is CPU suitable for this application? But i would also like to know if there are any major red flags? Also does any one have any case recommendations?

I don't know this helps but the current monitor I'm using is a HP LP2065. Right now I only have one and using it as a part of a dual screen set up with my laptop but I will be purchasing another one soon so I have a dual screen setup just for the computer.

Any and all criticism is welcome.

Edit: I have a copy of Windows 7 64bit professional which I will be using for this build.
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    It should just fine, but it matters on how quick u want some of the rendering done as the basic cad functions can be done with a like a pentium 4 lol. Maybe consider 16gb of ram as i believe most rendering programs like more ram, ud prob gain with an i7 but the i5 will prob get the job done.

    This is just me but id spend like $10 more and get the corsair tx650 as the quality is just better and worth the small little extra price

    Now for gaming maybe consider for max settings look at a 660 ti or 670, but once u reach the 670 range get a 770 as it beats the 680s and for like $400, and this should help ur rendering for cad and solidworks
  2. If using CAD, any idea if it will be small things or big data sets, most of my CAD users go 16GB to start
  3. I'll second the call for a 16 GB RAM. You're actually one of the people who could actually use it. A 4770k may be beneficial too, but that's going to be tight on your budget and we'd have to downgrade your gaming to get that in.

    Don't get the CX600. The modular version of the CX600M is $10 cheaper after the $20 mail-in rebate at Newegg. And even more importantly, the modular version uses Japanese capacitors, the non-modular uses Samxon capacitors which aren't as solid.
  4. Thanks everyone for the replies. Sorry I didn't mention this prior but he ASUS Z87C comes with a free stick of 8gb rab so the total would be 16gb total. I would though eventually like to max it out with 32gb.

    @LazyBoy947 Thanks for the info on the power supply. I will probably go with that instead if it's only $10 more. I was looking at the suggested graphics cards and those are out of my price range right now but thanks though I'll definitively keep those in mind if i can scrape together a few more $. Right now I'm running everything off of a laptop and although it "works" it's painfully slow.

    @IknowHowtoFixIt Wow that's a pretty nice list. I'll definitively take some parts off of there, especially the SSD and the cooler. Funny you chose the Radeon 7870, I originally was going to use that GPU but I've had issues in the past with AMD and never with Nvidia. Just curious though would the 2gb Radeon 7870 be "better" than a 3gb GTX660. I did come across a few benchmarks that rated the Radeon 7870 higher than the 2gb version of the GTX660 just couldn't find one for the 3gb. I was just under the impression that the more gb the better.

    @Tradesman1 Right now its just small things, still in school.
  5. Cool, if you have any trouble getting the sticks to play together, let us know, different voltage sticks and mixing brands etc can be a real pain, and often don't work
  6. the vram of the graphics card matters for high resolution and high detail rendering and dont think 2gb will differ in performance from 3gb, the only thing that nvidia has is PhysX which not sure if either of those programs use but if the 7870 beats the 660 gtx then look into it more, but either if ur tight on pricing is good
  7. Thanks again everyone for the replies. I'm gonna look a little bit further in depth between the the gtx660 3gb and the Radeon 7870XT 2gb. Hopefully I'll order everything no later than Wednesday.
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