Help with CPU fan please

3770K (oc'd 44)
z77 sabertooth
Cor Vengeance Series 16GB DDR3-1600 CL10 Dual
Coolermaster 812
cor tx850
phantom case 5 fans
sdd & 2tb hdd

hiya! i oc'd to 44 w/ volt of 1.205. seems stable. but i'm seeing weird CPU fan numbers. there 2 assist fans that run between 4500-5000rpms, and 1 chasis fan from 400-1400rpms. all those are set to turbo in bios and also connected to exterior fan control switches that're maxed. there's another chasis fan that runs at steady speed (not sure what) and has no control or sensor (thanks to Microcenter messing up pins) so it doesn't show a reading. and then another fan which is directly attached to the back of a Coolermaster 812 (that fan is the cpu fan right??). with a chasis fan so close behind that, and the wrong pin fan a few inches in front of it, it's kind of a push pull, but microcenter messed that up too w/ too tall ram so couldn't fit a fan directly onto front of 812.

anyway, i've been testing the oc and when i run intel burn test or prime95, i get about the same numbers on speedfan, realtemp, and asus AIsuitesII thermal radar. the speeds during tests are 2 assist fans close to 5000, 1 chasis fan around 1200-1400...but the damn cpu fan NEVER changes. during idle or tests it's always about 640-650. and during normal load, if i go into bios, that is what it shows the cpu fan at. about 640. BUT if i quickly go into bios right after intel burn test, then it shows cpu fan at 1700-2000! so it would seem that it IS compensating somewhat. i just don't get why it's not showing a change on monitors. no matter what i set it at in bios.

the intelburn temps are 60-70s (1 core at 81 once outta dozen times), and 2 hours of prime show 60-80s, with a few instances of 90-91. but i noticed that the Windows power plan was set at "balanced" during that test, and changing it to high perf seemed to lower the temps. i'll probably try and lower volts a bit. thinking i might could do 1.200 or 1.195. the volts in Thermal radar show...
vcore -1.216
12v -12.288
5v -5.120

but i have no idea what those numbers mean lol. i'm an old fart and just learning this stuff. anyway, think that's all pertenant info. shouldn't the cpu fan increase more during testing? seems like 640rpm all the time is low. does the vcore -1.216 mean that the cpu fan runs on only 1.2 volts? seems low. but again, if ya go into bios quickly after a test, it shows the cpu fan way up in the 2000rpms. so is it just a bum sensor? if so, then all 3 of the temp monitors are effected.
thanks much!
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    Congrats - yet another user to discover the hell of AISuite. The program is known for issues including what you are describing. Wanna know what asus support told me when I had a similar issue? Wipe and clean windows install. Haven't had issue since - and didn't reinstall that crap software. It causes a fault in the registry so the Nuvoton chip that processes all the temp, rpm, voltage info starts spitting out bad data.
  2. 1st ..... never run two monitoring utilities at same time

    2nd... what's this pin mess up business ?

    You need a 4 pin undamaged connector for cpu fan speed adjustment and you generally need to enable fan speed control for chassis fans in the BIOS.

    Forget all these utilities ..... download OCCT and run the CPU test with no other utilities speedfan, no hardwareinfo, no realtemp, no coretemp, no Asus utilities.
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