How to see if core parking is on of off?

I have an i5 3570k and posted here about how to disable core parking, i received usefull answers but how can i be sure that some cores are parked, because i heard about cores being parked at 65% etc
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  1. You must open resource monitor(Start>accessories>system tools>resource monitor or task manager>performance>resource monitor). Click on the cpu tab and you should see all your cores on the right side. If the core is parked you should see 'parked' ,eg 'Core 1 - Parked', beside you core name. If you don't see any 'parked' means none of your cores are parked.

    But i doubt you will see core parking on i5's, i'm not sure but its mostly on hyper threaded cpu's, like i7's.
  2. Here is an unparking tutorial. Once you do that, you will have the tool to easily check.
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