Connecting a router to a wireless hotspot

So heres the deal, im moving into an apartment that provides internet via a wireless hotspot (is PW protected and has WPA2 protection). I would like to be able to connect a router to it and then wire my printer, Media server and Roku device to my router.

im guessing I will have to somehow bridge my router to the wireless hotspot. I would like the ability to then broadcast my own wireless network from my router, and have my mobile devices connect only to my router, which is in turn connected to the internet via the hotspot.

anyone recommend a specific router for the job? can use the mfg firmware or be open source firmware, doesnt matter to me.

I currently have a Netgear WNDR3700 and a spare WRT54G with DDWRT.

below is a visual diagram of what i'd like to accomplish
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  1. Can you put DD-WRT or OpenWRT on that WNDR700?
  2. yes, would use ddwrt
  3. With that you could bridge a wireless connection and setup another virtual wireless connection i believe.
  4. so do you mean i should set the WDNR700 router with ddwrt to client bridge mode, connection to the hotspot. then create a virtual wireless connection (you mean a VLAN?) to create my own SSID? What about my wired ethernet devices on my LAN?
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