Eyefinity - Will a Active Displayport to HDMI work?

Hello all,

I about to build a new setup and with this I will be getting 3 Asus VN247H. However as I am sure many of you know to use Eyefinity there must be at least one display port connection being used. At this stage I have two options, the one I would prefer to do is to use a Active Display-port to HDMI converter however all the other places I have seen use a Display-port to DVI converter so I am wondering if Display-port to HDMI will actually work?

My other option is to get a Display-port to DVI converter then plug in a DVI to HDMI Cable but that just seems like a bit too much conversion and I don't want to lose image quality.

Anyway please tell me if I can in fact use the Active Display-port to HDMI converters or I need to use another method.

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  1. You can use a dp to hdmi adapter, that will work fine.
  2. Thanks, that has helped me out heaps!
  3. My3 are setup as follows :-

    Display 1 HDMI to DVI
    Display 2 HDMI to DVI
    Display 3 HDMI to DVI to Active DP

    these monitors are supplied with a HDMI to DVI cable.
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