Question about my new GTX 770 SLI

If I plug the DVI to my single monitor to play games there and plug HDMI to my HDTV to watch movies, will I lose fps performance if I do both at the same time? (Playing bf3 in my single 1080p monitor while my family is watching movie on the HDTV?) Thanks
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  1. It's gonna be really hard to run and control those at the same time, and yes it will affect performance if you manage to do it. But you're gonna have a lot of things to sort out like how to control both at the same time and how to reroute the audio etc. I don't think it's worth the hassle.
  2. I do this already while my wife is watching series on a 1080p 42" Sony while I'm playing games on 1080p 23" Samsung. I tell you it works but FPS significantly drops like ~30-40%. Plus not all applications and games support choosing audio output device. you may end up having the sound from only the TV or the Monitor/Speaker/Headphone etc..

    edit: probably you'll experience better performance than me since you are on SLI.
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