Will this PSU work?

I've calculated my needed wattage, roughly and came up with 472.


Has the wattage, the calculator I used also considered the PSU aging over the years.

My GPU will be


My CPU will be


I'll be using a Micro ATX MB, in a mid tower.

Will all of this work together, am I missing some connections?

Been reading around, and more confused because of it, I just know I need around 500W, with +12V rails, and want 80 plus or bronze.

Other than the above mentioned, I'll "OC" the processor to 4.1, and the ram (2 sticks) is 1600.

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  1. I ended up with the CX500M. I was going to get the 600w version, but, I was able to get CX500M for 34.99 with mail in. At that price a bronze rated modular PSU was to good to pass up.
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