gt 640 will work on 450w psu (unbranded)?

will it work easily ?
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  1. Hard to say with an unbranded PSU. 450W is easily enough for that graphics card in a normal system, but the question is whether that unbranded PSU can really deliver 450W (or anywhere close to it) reliably.
  2. my pc specs i3 530 6gb ddr3 ram and dh55tc mobo
  3. If your running a dual core system it should be fine.
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    Your system won't draw anywhere near 450W. Not even 300W. So there's a decent chance it'll work alright. But a noname PSU is never truly safe, so I'd recommend replacing it with a reliable brand PSU at some point.
  5. grab a radeon hd 7750 .its better than gt640...and will work with your psu for sure .and it will work good with your rig....
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