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Hi guys..

I just wanna ask you guys which PSU would be good enough for a 3 7970 GHz edition graphics cards. they come cheap here so I got 3 of them for ultra settings on shogun 2, crysis and battlefield 3.

these are my options since they're the only ones available for order. they're all 80+ effeciency but which are good for 3 GPUs?

Corsair HX1050 Gold
Corsair Pro Series AX1200 Gold
Cougar GX1050 Gold
RAIDMAx RX-1200-AF Gold
OCZ ZX Series 1250watts Gold
ENERMAX Platimax 1200
AcBel M88 1100watts 88+ Modular Silver
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  1. My system has a 2600K @ 4.8, 3 7970 cards @ 1125/1500 all in a TJ11 with 10 fans and several storage devices plus 2 pumps all running from one Corsair AX 1200Watt Gold PSU.

    I wouldn't recommend anything less than 1200 for the 3 cards if your planning on overclocking
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    the cards are only going to pull 750W MAX. 1200W is hardly necessary. Anything GOOD over 1000 would be plenty. Of those though the corsair or enermax
  3. wow thanks guys. i'm also thinking of a budget wise PSU, but when it comes to effeciency, i don't mind spending extra to it so i'll go with 1000 watts such as the corsair HX1050.
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