Graphics card issue possibly with Intel?

Alright, so I have an intel core I5 2400s processor and I recently bought an amd HD 7770 card. It's really not working well. I'll be playing a game, all will be fine, perfect fps and everything. But the it's starts to like freeze for like intervals of like 1 second at random times. And sometimes it will just freeze completely and I have to force shutdown. I'd like to know what the cause of this issue is. Is it a conflict between intel CPU and AMD gfx card? Or is it something else? Would it be the motherboard? I have some pegatron motherboard that came with my stock hp PC. Looking to get that replaced, could that be the issue? Any help would be appreciated!
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  1. How are your drivers? Are they up to date? Have you switched from an nVidia card or is this your first build? A li'l bit more detail would be great fro folks trying to help. :D
  2. Haha okay :P. Yes I've tried all drivers available from AMD. All of them. I was using built in graphics before. Any more questions ask em and i'll answer. I just want a good running computer for gaming. And also selling the card for an Nvidia card is also a valid option for me hahah
  3. try the gpu on a different pc. and no, there should be no conflict between intel cpu and amd gpu
  4. Alright I'm just making sure. Would it be a problem in the motherboard itself? Because I had a failed bios update so I'm replacing it anyways. But would the motherboard have been the problem?
  5. It could be, but it could be something else entirely, like your thermals or your PSU. You'd need to test major components to rule them out
  6. What are those? Sorry I have no clue haha
  7. Whoops. Forgive me, it's past midnight where I'm at. Could you check your temperatures? Download something like MSI Afterburner to help you monitor your temps. Also tell us what the rest of your system specs are, including your PSU, the power supply unit.
  8. Oh yeah also forgot to mention that my build is currently not working. This was only one of my problems. My pegatron motherboard stopped working after a failed bios update, so I also have another thread about a new motherboard.
  9. Pegatron... Never heard of it, I think that's the reason why you doubt your board. Anyway, if you wanna make sure that your video card is still working despite the errors you've encountered, the best and surest way is to slap it in another rig. Can't you attempt another bios update? or has that failed too?
  10. Hahaha so you understand why I doubt it. :P And yeah, it failed and my computer is virtually un-usable. You boot it up and the screen just stays black. I've tried EVERYTHING to recover the bios but it won't work. I want a motherboard more reliable anyways. :P But the problem is I don't have another rig around to put it into. Either way, I'm still debating on what motherboard to buy, but when I get it I'll just have to try it in that motherboard.
  11. Asrock, MSI, especially ASUS, since I use it on my current build, are solid choices for a replacement for your board.
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