Motherboard Standoffs wont fit into CM Storm Stryker Case

My Motherboard Standoffs wont fit into any of the motherboard stand off holes in my case (CM Storm Stryker) besides the 2 already mounted factory fitted standoffs, but these two holes are much larger then all of the other mounting points, and look as though they have been enlarged somehow because the standoffs only loosely fit in them (cant screw them in). As far as i know, motherboard standoffs are universal so is it the case that is faulty? The case came with a motherboard mounting screw thing (able to fit a Phillips head screwdriver onto the end of a standoff so you can easily screw it into the motherboard tray), but its useless if I cant even fit the standoff into the hole.

What should I do? Make the other mounting holes bigger?

Please help as I would like to finish building my pc, thanks!

PS- ATX Size mobo, Asus Sabertooth Z77
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    i had the same issue seemed as if they were going in at an angle which would lead to stripping.

    but bit my lip twisted hard and it straightened out and fit fine.
    they are very tight but that good, after i was done is when i looked in the kit and found a very helpful adapter specific for this.
  2. Thanks for the reply, I ended up bringing it back to the shop that I bought it from and it was a known problem with that case. They sent it back to the factory and I got a new case that wasn't faulty.

    Thanks for the reply though :)
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