Possible faulty CPU or Motherboard


So i recently bought new CPU and motherboard

CPU - i7 4770k (stock Cooler, for now)
MB - Asus Sabertooth z87

With them i use my old parts:

Intel SSD 180gb
Samsung HDD 1tb
8 gb ram - 4x 2gb
Corsair AX 850

Ok, so i installed new parts without any bigger problems. Then after first boot i went to BIOS check that everything is good, system clock, ACHI etc...
Then i installed Windows 7 64 bit just like i always do. Fresh installation and both disks formatted

Then i downloaded all latest drivers from Asus website and installed them.
All okay so far...

When installing windows updates, i noticed that computer freezes. Suddenly it is stuck and all i can do is to cut off power from PSU.
Then i went to BIOS to see temperatures, okay they are low and good...

CPU was around 35 - 40 °C (50 - 70 °C if i stress it)
MB was around 35 °C

Everything else between 30 - 40 °C

After while it got frozen in BIOS also, at that point i knew something is very wrong here. Those old parts are tested to be working with few other computers and i even tried with my old PSU Corsair HX650.

I triple checked motherboard + CPU installation and it was okay.

I already send RMA message to place where i bought them, i reported them both to be faulty because i don't really know which one causes the problem. I did read somewhere that sudden freezes might be because of CPU is bad or something.

I also add that

It won't randomly detect my HDD or SSD, if i boot it might detect them (they are tested to be working on other machines)

in Windows not all my USB devices are working, like they won't work on every boot, then i restart and they might work this time. And my Razer Megalodon headset does not work at all, it gets power but driver install fails or Windows does not even recognize it (tested on 4 different computers to be fully working)

Also, MB is not making any "beep" sounds like my other computers, even without RAM it stays quiet.

Ok, thats all for now. If someone can help me that would be good, i also give more info if needed
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  1. I should add that now Windows tells me that my secondary HDD is failing (My storage). Could this be the cause for this behavior from computer? It is been working fine 2 days now, but im still not sure what i should do with it. Because still some USB devices don't have power in some start ups, then i need to restart computer again to give them power or unplug them and put them again
  2. No one knows?
    Now i am getting bluescreens with STOP: 0x00000124 error

    Computer worked fine about 4 days after i removed old HDD

    I guess i just RMA both CPU and MB
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