Re-image Netbook - Acer Aspire One ZE7

Help on re-imaging Netbook. Trying to load on the original win 7 starter (no disc only serial number on base of ze7). I could load full blown win 7 as I have disc & serial.

Q1 merits of each version for a Netbook. Is full win7 too bloated?

Q2 how do I install win 7 starter (see issue below)

HDD failed on Netbook. No install disc came with product. Acer want £50 for the disc as user should make their own disc as part of backup regime???

I have other Netbook the same model but apparently the backup is hardware dependant so will not work on another exact model (acer). Is this true and is there a way around this such as using the serial from the second ze7 also?

I want to make a backup from the other unit or try to copy the recovery partition from the faulty drive to a new drive. Anyone tried anything like this or should I just put full copy of win 7 on and be done with it?
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  1. If you have the same model Acer as the other one, make a bakup disk and see if that works for yourself.

    You can also try to clone the drive to the second one with several programs, clonezilla is a good free one, altough not too simple to use. You will need to change the product code for Windows after you clone the drives to the one off the computer, you can do that by right-clicking My Computer, go to Properties and you will see a change code option at the bottom of that screen.
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