How to know all the drivers I need?

Since there's a lot of drivers, for motherboard, chipsets, audio, keyboard, SATA, processor, etc., how to know all the drivers I need? PC works great with only the video drivers, even sound's 5.1, keyboard, monitor, mouse, everything works great with any games or software I've ever used. Honestly I don't even get WHY I need the drivers.
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  1. You don't need any drivers, as long as everything works. :) If you run older (or compatible) hardware, Windows already has all the drivers. You only need driver, if you get the yellow exclamation mark in device management. Remember: never touch a running system!
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    Microsoft will install generic drivers automatically, but they often do not give the best performance. Take the time to visit your m/b maker's website and get the current chipset, lan, and sata drivers - each is geared to enhance performance of your specific m/b.

    You download the current video drivers for best experience, why not do the same with the other drivers?

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