i7 920 @ ~3.8ghz 1.2v - temp / settings question

Hello, so instead of upgrading to haswell I decided to overclock my 920 and see how it performs, run it on stock for almost 4 years. Running it on P6T Deluxe v2. According to CPU ID my i7 920 is D0.
It's running at 3.779ghz atm, not full 3.8ghz.

I've set vcore to 1.2v, but according to CPU ID it's at 1.192v - is it normal?

I'm running Blend test on Prime95 atm and got 73C highest on one core. Ambient temperature is 24C.

Using HAF X case and 212 Evo cooler with provided paste.

I'll post my settings later, after few more hours to ask you guys if there are any settings I should/could change. I tried to follow this guide

Are these temperatures ok? Also should I run any other tests or Blend test will do just fine?
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