Bottleneck risk with Intel i7 930 and new graphic cards?

I'm planning of buying new graphics card, question is do i need to upgrade my CPU as well. If i buy Radeon HD 7950 or GTX 670, is overclocking my current cpu enough to avoid bottlenecks.
Or do i need to buy completely new cpu?
My current cpu is Intel i7 930 2.8 ghz 4 cores
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  1. Yes, OC your i7 and buy a new GPU. You will be fine! Intel hasn't really given people a reason to upgrade.

    Good luck :)

  2. On the contrary, it will do fine in Crysis 3 with a good GPU without overclocking.

    OP: if you overclock your CPU, you will still be fine for some time to come.

    Good Luck man, save your money :)
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